What’s keeping me busy these days?

I’ve just been on a mastermind retreat to Bali with my business buddies, we spend some time away making plans and inspiring each other. I’m working on my own business model so you’ll see some changes very soon.

My next trip is to Dark MoFo in Tasmania this Winter, I’ve been a bit of a home-body this year. My decision to travel less for the first half of this year will make more sense when I tell you what I’m up to in September.

I’ve been working with Sensorium Theatre (they make live show specifically designed for kids with disabilities). I’ve put some time saving processes in place and made their website accessible so that screen readers can zip through it.

I’m teaching small businesses the importance of content marketing and how to make the most of their social media. This is making me really happy as they’re seeing real results with more sales. I’m also really enjoying my little community of pocket friends on Instagram.

Reading the Valley of the Dolls.

Listening to Getting Curious podcast.

Learning about Modern Art & Ideas from MoMA, Instagram Skills from Beth Kirby and a photography workshop in April with Bo Wong. Estoy aprendiendo español… I’m terrible at languages.

Watching The OA.

Updated on the 25th of March 2019