Lavish Habits


Lavish Habits was founded by chef and restauranteur Clint Nolan who has created some of Perth’s most unique and successful venues. Clint’s portfolio of restaurants and bars range from a prohibition saloon to a Mexican cantina to a plant filled oasis, the uniting factor is their sense of fun an commitment to an authentic experience.

Creative Journey

I worked with Kate, Lavish Habits marketing manager to create a digital presence that showcases all of the Lavish Habits venues. The group already sells gift vouchers to its venues in store and they were keen to offer virtual ones online which would make great last minute gifts as they could be used in any venue. More importantly the events team were becoming overwhelmed with the amount of booking requests coming in over email for their new venue Henry Summer.  I developed a booking form that reduced the amount of emails coming into the the events team but yet also increased the amount of genuine enquires that converted to bookings.